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Aerial View of a Housing Development

Land Development

RESD, LLC provides consultancy services in land development for the conversion of raw land into construction-ready residential, commercial, or industrial building sites. This process includes planning and the acquisition of government permits. We also provide sales and brokerage services for land and properties. Reach out to us in Laurel, Maryland, to learn more.

Accurate & Timely Land Surveys

At Real Estate Surveyors & Developers, LLC, we specialize in a variety of land surveys for clients in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, DC. Our surveys are accurate, and everything is delivered on time to meet your needs. The types of surveys and studies we provide include:

Residential House Location Surveys
Commercial ALTA/ACSM Surveys
Land & Lot Boundary and Topographic Surveys
Flood Elevation Certificate Insurance and Development
Condominium Condominium Conversion Surveys
Zoning Certificate Development Compliance
Feasibility Study Development Feasibility Report
Construction Stakeout Buildings and Roads
GPS Global Positioning Surveys
Utilities Mapping of Underground Utilities
Service Area